Wednesday, October 25, 2006


At 9:30 am tomorrow -Thursday(10-26) ,Sadie and Miriam are getting on an ambulance and transferring to Southern NH Medical Center in Nashua!!!
For those of you outside of NH, Nashua is only about 25 miles away from my house (and DHMC is about 2 hours away).

This is all great news.
Sadie is up to her max feeds (40cc) and she is also breast feeding really well (her mom is a PRO!!!)
They have completely taken her IV out, and she is now wearing clothes!

I am working tomorrow 1-10, so I will update asap.

Thanks to all!

The dangerous 5 (almost all together!)


  1. Fricken' awesome!

    Let us know where y'all end up and we'll come visit there.

    Ben and Michelle

  2. hello nashua! (said in exact accent as hello cleveland!)