Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday Monday

Hey everyone!

I came home last night with the boys- They slept well in their own beds.
Jack got off to school this morning, and Harry and I are hanggin around the house watching cartoons! WOO HOO!

Last night Miriam told me that she got to help the nurse give Sadie a bath and change her blankets and stuff. She said it felt so great to be a mom to her!

I talked to Miriam this morning and we have more good news!
  • They took her off the CPAP machine. (the big blue tube on her nose) They say her respiratory system is doing really well
  • They had a small tube down her mouth into her belly to take out extra air that the machine was putting in- that has also come out!
  • Her chest tube output really slowed down!!! If she keeps going like she did last night, they are going to clamp off the chest tube. They don't want to take it out yet, just in case- But clamp it off will give them a good idea what will happen when they do decide to take it completly out.
  • She is peeing really well
  • Looking really healthy
  • Overall, her fluid input and output is good!
  • And finally, the nurses took off her cap, fluffed up her hair and put a pink bow on her head!!!

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  1. Patrick - we are so happy the baby is doing so well. We have been praying for all of you. Allen wants to call you - email and tell us when a good time would be and a phone number. Shari