Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On a side note...

I changed the settings so that anyone can post comments- even without logging in!


  1. She really looks wonderful guys. We're so happy things are looking so good.

    Hey Patrick, what do you think about the Crash Test Dummies covering "Henry the Eighth I Am"? Real slow tempo, like their new album. Its so annoying having a song in your head that doesn't exist.

    Seriosly, we're thrilled for you guys. We send the five of you our love.

    Ben and Michelle

  2. Yay! she's so pretty! I can't wait to meet Sadie in person. We miss and love you guys! Hah! the dangerous five: such a fitting name.

    The Lawrence Fam (but scripted by your truly, Anna)

  3. cool, you are becoming such the blogger!

    You're going to have to teach me how you turned off the "log-in" requirement.

  4. loggin in is so 2004. thanks for turning that off!

  5. Yea,

    I thought I was much more in fashion not to login also-