Saturday, October 14, 2006

On the road again...

Hey All!

I have been on the road this morning trucking back home to pick up Jack & Harry. I got back around 2:30pm.

Miriam is doing really well- Just a little sore.

Sadie is also improving really well. They have weaned her off oxygen completely and turned down how much the respirator is working. - so she is breathing some on her own and some with the help of the respirator. Her heart is doing really well too!

The fluid on her right side has totally gone away with the help of a chest tube they had to put in. They turned off the suction of the tube to keep her body from thinking that it is supposed to keep pumping fluid into her chest- and so far so good! The fluid is still gone!
Also, when she was born she had a good sized amount of fluid on her left side too- They decided not to "tap" (put in a tube and drain) that side. The fluid on that side has gone down on its own!!!

She is peeing ok- and that is a great thing.

We were waiting on a preliminary test of the amnio fluid to determine a chromosomal defect like Down syndrome, Turners syndrome, etc... But the test came back inconclusive. We should receive the results of the bigger, more accurate test in a week or two.

There are no markers on Sadie that looks like there are any type of chromosomal defects- She looks beautiful.

While I was home today, I grabbed the camera cord . I am going to be posting some pics of Sadie this afternoon/tonight.

Thanks again for everything- We could not have made it through this without all the help and support- When any of you see or talk to Aaron and Jess, give then a huge hug and thank you from us. They have been sleeping at our house and taking great care of our Boys.

Thanks again to everyone!


The Dangerous5

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