Sunday, October 22, 2006

no mas! no mas!

They decided to slow down on the feeds (milk). She has been throwing up a little so she will be going back down to 17cc every 3 hours.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Sorry we didn't make it up today. We've all had colds, and they weren't fully gone yet, and we figured that you didn't need more illness on top of everything else. I tried to call, but your cell service didn't let me leave a message. It said that it was unable to handle my request at this time or some such thing. I'll try you later on in the week. Cute video of the boys! Hope all is going well. See you soon,
    Ben and Michelle

  2. Yeah- the cell service at the hospital is real choppy. Thanks anyway- glad you didn't come if you are sick- the nurses ask everyone that enters if they are healthy.

    We hope to see you soon-