Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy...ummm...Trick or Treat..ummm...Day?

So it is kinda weird, but the city we live in does trick-or treating on the Sunday BEFORE Halloween...and during the day. (1pm-4pm). Seems strange to T or T when the sun is out, but it is what it is....
The boys were both astronauts- (thanks Mom for the outfits!)
Sadie was a Polar Bear... Here are the pics....


  1. Seems like it needs to be dark and scary to be T or T, doesnt it? The kids look so cute, little fuzzy cuddly Sadie. Hope someone got a popcorn ball!

  2. Light deters crime, you know.
    Last night it occurred to me that this has got to be the most dangerous holiday ever.