Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Please Help

Hey All..

A very very special friend of mine was hit by an 18 wheeler truck this morning. She is in Harris Methodist Hospital in Ft. Worth- They say she is going to make it, but has some serious injuries.
Her name is Fonda-and I have can not tell you all how much she has done for me over the last 13 years. While Sadie was in the hospital, Fonda was constantly in touch with me asking what she and her church could pray for.
I pray that God comforts her, and heals her quick.

Rock on,

The Dangerous 5


  1. Grammie:

    Will include her in the prayer list and will passs it along to sister and friends too.
    Fonda is a very nice person, she was good to Patrick in the teen years.


  2. oh my gosh! Isn't that Dub's mom?

    I'll pray for her.

  3. do you have an update on her as of late? just checkin!