Thursday, November 30, 2006

If I did get sick...Here is how I would do it...

Got Jack down to about 101 last night-
Took him in today-
He has pneumonia and two ear infections! WOO HOO!
They gave him a script for some better antibiotics- so far so good only a small fever.
I put them to bed at 9- lets see what goes on tonight-

They say Sadie has mix pneumonia (both viral and bacteria)
Her heart is a little fast, so they are watching that too.
They say she is looking better.

I just took my temp-

Anyone care to have a drink with me?


  1. I'll have a drink with you! Sounds like you need a few to kill off the germs going around. Are Miriam and Harry sick as well?

  2. If uncle tom and i lived closer...we'd bring the beer!

  3. Harry is fine- the wife is a little sick

    Jaime- How are you?!